Squad Roll Call

During battle, the following Squad Groupings should be observed. There are currently four Squads:

  • Α (Alpha) –  TU^ Comanding Officers
  • Β (Beta) –  TU^ Members
  • Γ (Gamma) – Regular friends of TU^ or those that wish to join
  • Δ (Delta) – Temporary members prepared to fight sholder to sholder with TU^

Should a Squad be incomplete during battle, a member(s) of a another squad should fill the gap to ensure a full complement of Α (Alpha ) squad at all times.

At no point should a Squad contain non-TU^ members, unless specifically permitted by a Commanding officer in which case they must fill either Γ (Gamma) or  Δ (Delta) as appropriate, or if there are insufficient members present to fulfil an Α (Alpha) Squad. Regular temporary postings to a squads may influence the future structure of that Squad.

Squad Groupings are decided by the Commanding Officers, no amount of beer, women or drugs can influence them, and it is recommended that this be tested on a regular basis, for security reasons… ongoing assessments… as yet we do not know what their breaking point is.


Α (Alpha)

  • ThePaulius
  • WolfSystems
  • Toby_Froling
  • qkasurf

Β (Beta)

  • emielbeast
  • BoringOyster
  • SWE-HORN (confirm name)
  • happyplayer (confirm name)

Γ (Gamma)

  • GingerDanger
  • DonatedMonster

Δ (Delta)

  • whitelionspride
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